List of tartans

Enter the name of the tartan you're looking for. If it starts with Mc or Mac - type in Mac first since that's the most popular way of spelling it. If you are not sure of the exact spelling of a tartan name then just type in the first few letters that you do know and click Find That'll produce a much larger choice but there's a greater chance that the one you want will be amongst them.

If you know the number of the tartan that you're seeking, then just type it in and click Search. For historical continuity the International Tartan Index ITI which the Ferret searches, uses the old Tartans Society reference numbers up to and including at which point their records finish. Dedicated ITI numbers range from up to In the Tartans Authority relinquished its tartan registration function to The National Records of Scotland who - in line with the Act of Parliament - established the Scottish Register of Tartans with reference numbers starting at Enter the surname that you're looking for.

If it's in the surname database the system will give whatever tartan or tartans are recommended for that name. If the name starts with Mc or Mac - type in Mac first since that's the most popular way of spelling it.

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If you're not sure of the exact spelling of the surname then just type in the first few letters that you do know and click Find That'll produce a much larger choice but there's a greater chance that the one you want will be amongst them.

You should note that there is not a tartan for every surname in existence so don't be too disappointed if a search doesn't produce anything. There are no laws governing what tartan you can wear although most people like to feel they have some historical or 'genetic' link with what they choose. If you have no tartan of your own you could wear any of the available district tartans that might represent an area of Scotland that is relevant to you or an area closer to your home - a country, state, province or city - or you could choose one of what are called Universal tartans such as the Black Watch, Caledonia, Jacobite, Royal Stewart etc.

Or you could wear an appropriate one from amongst the very many hundreds designed for corporate companies, military organisations, educational establishments and special interest groups. This is an extremely useful function if you're trying to identify a tartan. Just start at any point in the tartan and make a note of the colours in the order in which they appear - perhaps make a note of half a dozen to start with.

Then click Search and see what appears! You can choose the colours either by clicking on the colour boxes provided or typing in one of the colour codes which are as follows: Blue - B. Red - R. Yellow or Gold - Y. Green - G. Orange - O. White - W. Purple - P. The only odd ones are Black which is K. Grey which is N for Neutral and Brown which is T for tan.

The search system doesn't need to differentiate between shades of colours so if you had a tartan with medium blue, light blue medium blue, dark blue in that sequence you would type in BBBB. Sometimes you may come across a colour in a tartan that you can't easily identify. If that occurs, you can use the very powerful wild card of the question mark -?

Just type that in place of the unknown colour. You can experiment with a tartan that you know to see how many colours you can replace with the? The more colours you type in, the more specific is your search. Equally, the less you type in, the greater the choice the system will offer you.

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As an example, if you type in R you would get almost 3, tartans.Clan Tartan Contact Us. Register Log In. Sign In Register. Tartan Centre. Enter tartan or clan name. American National. Click For Details. Anderson Ancient. Anderson Modern. Armstrong Ancient. Armstrong Modern. Black Watch Dress Ancient. Black Watch Dress Modern. Black Watch Modern. Bruce Modern. Buchanan Modern. Cameron Modern. Cameron Of Erracht Ancient. Cameron Of Erracht Modern.

Campbell Ancient. Campbell Clan Modern. Campbell of Argyle Modern. Clark Ancient. Clark Modern. Colquhoun Modern. Crawford Modern. Douglas Green Ancient. Elliot Modern. Farquharson Modern. Ferguson Modern. Forbes Ancient. Forbes Modern. Fraser Clan Modern. Fraser Hunting Modern. Fraser Of Lovat Modern. Fraser Red Modern.

list of tartans

Gordon Clan Ancient.Search by name to find your clan and tartan from a choice of over 1, or use the filter to choose your favourite colour. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

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Our privacy policy. Find Us. Gifts for him Gifts for her Gifts for babies and children Gifts for the home. Still Delivering Despite Covid Made With Love In Scotland. Choose your own tartan Filter By.

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Name Colour A-Z. Enter a name and Search:. Primary Colour. Secondary Colour. Select the letter:. Abercrombie Ancient.

Abercrombie Modern. Agnew Ancient. Ailsa Gold BCH Ailsa Navy BCH Ailsa Pink BCH Ailsa Red BCH Ailsa Yellow BCH All Ireland Blue. All Ireland Green. All Ireland Red. Allison Modern. Amnesty International. Anderson Ancient. Anderson Modern. Anderson Weathered. Angus Ancient. Angus Modern. Arbuthnot Ancient. Arduaine Red BCHPlease enter an Irish Surname to connect:.

Hints on using our Irish Surname Database Mc versus Mac - names are entered in our database ONLY as Mac to avoid duplication - they are the same as far as Irish and Scottish names are concerned, contrary to popular belief. So always enter Mac instead of Mc as a prefix. It is recommended that you enter your full surname - if the search is successful it will return suggested tartan s - you can then view these tartans by clicking the appropriate icon.

If you still get no answer then try typing the first 3 letters of your surname excluding the prefix! Over time many spelling variations occurred, so if you are familiar with phonetic you might like to try phonetic variations we will be adding a phonetic search on our next version. Best of luck! Connecting tartans with Irish surnames is not an exact science, except where there is a family name which corresponds to a known tartan, such as Fitzpatrick or Keirnan.

What is now established is that Tartan weaving is far older than had been previously thought, and has been found on Celtic mummies dating back over years. There has been an increasing demand for those of Irish descent to wear tartan, and this site has been set up to assist those people. We have created a comprehensive database of recorded Irish surnames with a suggested tartan of choice, the idea being to return a family tartan if one exists, failing that a district tartan representing the origin of the surname, and a County tartan s if the name is linked to particular Counties, and of course all Ireland Tartans.

The District Tartans represent the geographic areas associated with historic Provinces Ulster and Connachttribal territories Oriel and regions Tara and Clodagh. The County Tartan suggestions are based on the geographical or tribal origins of names. Our list contains over names including spelling variations. Many of these have no direct Clan link. We are adding to our database all the time. Sources The books listed below augmented by our own research.

The following books have been of invaluable use and are recommended for those wishing to pursue their family origins.Tartan is recognized the world over as being associated with Scotland. This is usually manifested in the creation of district tartans.

Prime examples would be places where the Scots have settled and made an impact in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Other nations that share a common Celtic heritage have also gotten in on the tartan game, most notably Ireland and Wales.

The tartan craze has even spread beyond the British Isles to Europe, where one can find tartans for Brittany, Austria, Germany and Norway, among other places. Despite this rampant spread of tartan, people of English heritage have always assumed they are left out of the club. Why would one expect to find tartans for the English, who have been historic enemies of the Scots?

The truth is that Scotland has a long historical relationship with her neighbor to the south. Even though that relationship has often been antagonistic, it is reflected in many tartans for English regions. In a competition was held to select a tartan for Berwick-upon-Tweed, which was won by Alison Wilkinson, a student a Berwick High School.

At various times in history, it has been under both English and Scottish control. The colors in this tartan were chosen symbolically. Black, red and gold are the heraldic colors of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Grey represents the stone buildings of the town. Blue represents the River Tweed, and green the surrounding hills.

This tartan has been produced in both symmetric and asymmetrical forms. The second most northerly town in England is Norham-upon-Tweed.

According to legend it was here that St. Just across the river from Norham sits the village of Ladykirk in Scotland.

list of tartans

At the request of the school a tartan was designed for the Norham and Ladykirk area in by Ronnie Hek, a tartan designer whose child attended the school. While we are in the north of England, there is a tartan for Yorkshire, as well. A version of this tartan was later produced with a blue ground and worn by King George V while he was Earl of Inverness and Duke of York. It has been called both the Duke of York tartan and Inverness Hunting.

Incidentally, my own surname of Newsome is of Yorkshire origin. Durham County is bordered by both Northumberland and Yorkshire. Why it is named such is uncertain.

It could be that they produced this tartan for a client from Durham. Wilsons of Bannockburn was not the only commercial producer of tartan cloth in the nineteenth century. The firm of Bolingbroke and Jones produced tartan as well as other clothin Norwich, England, from about until they closed in Some of the patterns they produced were identical to those being woven by Wilsons of Bannockburn.This is a list of tartans that have been adopted by law by their respective state legislatures as official U.

Not all states have an official tartan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. California State Library.

Retrieved March 30, California State Assembly.

list of tartans

Colorado Legislative Council. Retrieved March 31, Colorado General Assembly. State of Connecticut. Connecticut General Assembly.


Georgia House of Representatives. Hawaii State Legislature. Retrieved December 12, Caledonian Society of Hawaii. Retrieved December 13, Retrieved Iowa State Legislature. Retrieved February 16, Louisiana State Legislature. Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge. Archived from the original on July 19, Laws ch.

Massachusetts General Court. Andrew's Society of Detroit". Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Retrieved November 21, Missouri Revisor of Statutes. Nevada Legislature. New Hampshire Almanac. State of New Hampshire. New Hampshire General Court. North Carolina General Assembly.

North Carolina Secretary of State.Please be aware that as the kilt has to be made to order in your chosen tartan, it may take up to 8 weeks to complete. The time scale for creating a special weave tartan and having it made into a bespoke kilt can be anything from 4 to 6 months. There are no laws stopping one from wearing other clans, district or regiment tartan; only restricted, copyrighted tartans are affected.

And that only affects the people weaving or selling the cloth, not the people wearing it. Legally speaking, nowadays it is less about who has the right to wear a tartan and more about who has the right to sell it.

Restricted tartans are usually designed from the following categories: trade, fashion, corporate.

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The main concern, of course, regards good and bad taste, and most people now do realize that this will involve balancing the choice of a tartan you find attractive, with ensuring you do not inadvertently cause hurt or bad feeling by wearing the tartan of a clan or a regiment for example to which you have no association.

Anyone is allowed to submit an application in order to register a new tartan in the Scottish Register of Tartans. Clan Tartan Contact Us. Register Log In. Sign In Register. FAQ How should I start searching for a tartan? Traditionally, you start from your clan name or your last name e. If there's no such tartan or if you don't like the sett, go through the relevant district tartans e. If you don't like them either, search for some commemorative ones which stands for an important person or event or universal tartan e.

Can I wear a tartan if I do not have Scottish roots? If yes, which tartan should I use? Definitely, yes. There's no need to be Scottish or have Scottish relatives to wear tartan.

Are there any universal tartans for everyone? Indeed, there are tartans which are not connected either with a clan, district nor anything else. Can I wear some other tartans if I don't like the sett of my clan's one? If you don't like the sett of your clan's tartan you can obviously choose some other tartan - your own or your ancestors' district tartan, tartan which stands for a person or event you feel connected to commemorative tartan or simply one of the universal tartans. If you do not find your tartan in our database we may still be able to help.

You are a Scottish based company - do you have other national tartans? Of course, we do!


Where can I see all of the tartan you offer? Then you have two possibilities: search by tartan or clan name. Can I see the samples of tartan before I choose to browse your products? Yes, you can. The default weight of our made-to-measure kilts is 16oz heavy weight. Some tartans are also 12 or 13oz medium weight and 10oz light weight. The other will have different weight options soon, too. When it comes to our casual kilts, 8 yards is heavy weight 16oz and 5 yards is light weight 10oz.

What is the difference between 5 yard and 8 yard kilts? Casual kilts are made from 5 yards of material and are lighter to wear, ideal for wearing to sports events or as a "casual" wear, hence the name. Furthermore, it doesn't require ironing as often as the lighter fabrics do.

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